About Us

We are Automated Drive Systems

As a leader in process and industrial controls and automation, our promise is to do whatever it takes to be a valuable partner to our clients. We do this by combining unparalleled service and support with our incomparable knowledge and imaginative problem-solving to make even the most impossible process control solutions, possible.

Our approach is to provide a consultative relationship and become your trusted partner for the electrical systems that keep your equipment and operation running. Being your partner is responsibility we do not take lightly, and we are committed to your success. One of our core values is respect for the trust that our clients place in us and the stewardship of your needs, which guides us to independently scrutinize every product we represent and place YOUR needs above those of our component vendors.

Our Mission is to provide the most innovative process control solutions for our clients that add value to their operations and profits. Fueled by an intense focus on how best to serve our customers, we will grow through creative application of automation and control products throughout their lifecycle. Our core focus is development, sales, and service of automation systems including AC and DC drive systems, PLC based control systems, and control panel manufacturing.