Contract Manufacturing

Do you currently build your control panels in house and are finding that having a small team of individuals manually drilling, tapping, cutting, mounting, assembling, wiring, labelling, and testing electrical controls is creating risk in your operation?

Control Panel Manufacturing has advanced significantly in the last decade and progress continues to speed up. Automated Drive Systems has invested heavily in the latest technology to allow us to quickly and accurately manufacture controls panels. Outsourcing this function of your product can provide significant reductions in your inventory needs, in the speed of your core manufacturing and also a reduction in the risk should an individual leave the company and you loose significant capabilities, potentially stranding your projects.

With our Contract Manufacturing services we are able to handle high volume control panel manufacturing in both small panels such as single motors starters, remote I/O panels all the way to large multi-motor systems with ease. We are flexible, realizing that you, as a large OEM, likely have negotiated pricing levels with your material vendors. We can offer full turn-key manufacturing including component supply as well as build using your customer supplied components.

We have documented through our own evolution and improvements that our system is capable of reducing the time to build control panels by as much as 63%. In one product we assemble approximately 30-50 times a year for an OEM client we have been able to reduce the time to produce their product from over 65 hours to multiple builds that are between 24-26 hours. This has been accomplished through software, process, and machinery investments exceeding $1M over the last 3 years. Let our improvements save you money and allow you to re-purpose your electrical wiring personnel to where they can add more value to your operation.