Design Build Control Panels

As a critical component of our ability to provide complete solutions, Automated Drive Systems has a full in-house control panel and e-house manufacturing capability. Whether your project is a small switch operator enclosure, full semi-portable e-house electrical room with switchgear, or motor control center that drives to power an entire plant, we can provide a solution on budget and on time.

With our clients’ needs in mind, we have streamlined our panel fabrication processes, which allows us to provide custom control panels in as little as 4 weeks. We have invested in state-of-the-art CNC technology that allows us to make precise modifications to standard electrical enclosures quickly and consistently. This capability also makes our shop one of the most efficient in the country since we are not manually performing any drilling, tapping, or cutting processes on enclosures. This tremendously reduces labor time and speeds up deliveries on short and large production runs.

Our expertise with both panels and systems has made us a sought-after resource for end customers, producers and OEM’s alike, providing and managing their systems and products to keep up-to-date and in production. You can find panels we have built on some of the most rugged equipment in the industry.

When you receive a control panel from Automated Drive Systems, you can rest assured knowing that it has been assembled and tested thoroughly. We implement an 87-point checklist during fabrication and testing, as well as verify that the panel is properly assembled by 2 separate technicians. Our technicians verify every connection and all point-to-point wiring. Prior to delivery, your panel will be powered up, tested, and any components that require pre-shipment programming will be completed. Our Panel Shop can also UL list your panels according to the UL508A Standard, eliminating red-tagged panels at the job site.

We stay up-to-date with changing regulations from NEC, MSHA and UL to ensure that the products we produce are always ready for service when they arrive on site. All enclosures are engineered for proper ventilation and cooling, proper circuit protection, correct component fitment, as well as compliance with all relevant standards. Each of our panels is supplied with three print copies of as-built drawings, which speeds up field installation. In addition to the provided documentation, ADS maintains copies of all drawings and notes so they are available for future support needs. Each of our panel nameplates contains a QR code that links back to the latest revision of the electrical schematics to ensure you are always able to troubleshoot your system.